Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday afternoon bedroom DIY

Hello crafty friends,
I haven't been on here for awhile! but I thought I would share with you this sunday afternoon's DIY creation....

I have been thinking about creating a "jewellery wall" in our bedroom for awhile now,
somewhere I could display all of my jewellery creatively but at the same time get it out of my drawers and off the dresser where it just ends up tangled and in a big mess.
 I wanted to use this stunning art deco inspired mosaic mirror as the centrepiece (my lovely dad made this for me as a wedding present, I LOVE IT!)
 I also had a few pieces I have collected from my various travels around the world that I wanted to add to the wall, such as this 3 panelled mirror (below) which closes up like a book, which I bought in Paris at an antique market in Saint Oven (if you ever get a chance to go to Paris and you like second hand and antique markets then you should check it out!)
 I carried this in my backpack very carefully all around europe!!
 this is the front, once it is closed and the clasp is done up
 I used a large piece of butchers paper (the size of the wall) to work out the position of the pictures, next i traced around them in texture and then stuck the piece of paper up onto the wall with masking tape.
 Here it is on the wall (ignore the drawing on the back of the paper, that was from my "amy craft house afternoon"). When it comes to drilling the holes I actually leave the paper in place and drill thru it, that way the position is perfect when it comes to hanging.
 Voila! mirror/picture/jewellery wall complete!
I also added a handmade mask I bought in Venice and jewellery I purchased in nepal, india, thailand, greece and  new york.
None of it is worth much money, but to me it is priceless treasure! memories that will last a lifetime!
Then in the frame's in between I have put up a few of our recent wedding snaps!
What a special wall of love a treasures....
keep making, keep creating
craft out


Raylee said...

found your blog via sue's craft cupboard......the wall is fantastic!

ruby murray said...

Gorgeous love it.

Anonymous said...

Just the "prod" I need to get my repainted photo frames(all matching semi-glossy grey-ish black)back upon the wall. After all,it's been over 2 years since we painted!