Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"THE DRESS" my most craftastic feat to date!

Okay, enough of the "step by step" process... we all just want to see the final result don't we...
(well at 11pm and work tomorrow I am going with that option, he he he)
Is your wedding coming up? 
Have you always dreamed of an alternative, quirky and individual gown... 
a unique outfit designed just for you...
I'd love to design it for you and bring your dream dress to life.
or call me, Bronwyn on 0428114748

craft out...
from the newly "Mrs Napiorkowski"


barcabykt said...

hello bronwyn,
the dress looks fantastic.
congratulations !
it looks like your special day went perfectly.
it was by chance i looked on your blog today and what a lovely surprise it was to see your beautiful photos.
i hope all goes well for you as mrs Napiorkowski!

Diane said...

Just doing a bit of blog hopping and happed upon your blog. I absolutely adore the wedding dress. The whole lot actually. And the photos!