Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 365-The Last Hurrah! Craft Crown for the Craft Queen

I can't believe it... it still doesn't seem real, I don't know whether to laugh or cry, I couldn't sleep last night, so many thoughts of the year past and the new year to come racing thru my mind. 
I wasn't sure what to put up for my final craft, I would love to show you all my wedding dress as this is certainly my most extravagant creation to date... but alas I cannot, it would spoil the surprise of the big day (in 28 short sleeps to come). 
So my thoughts returned to a fitting final Hurrah! I decided that this "Craft Queen" really deserves a "Craft Crown"... so here goes...  

My initial sketch is slightly wanting...
 I know what your thinking... this is going to end up like a hungry jacks happy meal crown (but have faith my craft friends! I am going to pull this off!)
 Returning to the "industrial strength" craft I decided to use some left over high gloss furniture paint and 3 layers of cardboard.
 bring on the useful box/boxes
 the miniature cards are from one of the mini match-box collections from day 361 
 with all the hairspray and varnish on the shoes from yesterday's project and the furniture paint from today's I better hope nobody lights a sparkler or cigarette near my outfit otherwise my outfit may become a live firecracker!

This is not goodbye forever, just for now. This Craft Queen needs a well deserved "craft sabbatical" 
although I will certainly be kept busy with wedding prep all of january! and I promise to update the blog to share with you all my wedding dress extravaganza design post wedding date.
for now...
Craft out


bojud said...


chellelovescraft said...

Congratulations on a fatastic job! I have only just come across your blog, courtesy of the fab Age article, and would like to thank you for making the past 24 hours at the in-laws bearable! I have read back through the past year's postings, and you have definitely insipired my crafting for 2012. Best of luck for your upcoming wedding!

bowerman said...

You Are Soooooooooo AWESOME!!! WELL DONE!! I will miss logging on each morning to see the next craft. It has been a fabulous journey. Love & Hugs xoxoxoxox

Clare said...

Well done! Enjoy your well deserved break from crafting!!

Becc said...

big round of (glittery crafty hand-made) applause! You've made this a very interesting and inspiring year and I really thank you!! All the very best for a superb wedding and a life of creative goodness xxxxxx becc

Esme Rudy said...

Being a local girl myself, I have been following your blog since around day 23. Well done on such a wonderful achievement. I will miss checking out your day by day craft adventures. I would like to pass on to you The Liebster Blog Award as I am a huge fan. Details can be found at my blog. Anna :)

Izzy said...

Well done!
It's so wonderful to see another Aussie in blogworld, and what a great name you've given us!
Congratulations on your year of hard crafting!!