Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 364-The icing on the cake and the glitter on my shoes!

wow! what a great day, it started with a sleep in, a coffee, and a group email to remind friends, family and blog fans to check out tomorrow's Melbourne Age newspaper for an article about "365 days of craft".

About 20 seconds after I hit send another friend messaged me on Facebook to congratulate me on the article in TODAY'S paper, what?, my dressing gown was quickly discarded for some type of outer wear and I was out the door. First stop the milk bar at the end of our street where I was met by "sorry no more paper's", what?, next stop newsagent at the local shop's. I jumped out of the car and was stuck behind a senior lady shuffling into the newsagent with her walking frame (I had visions of me having to fight her for the last paper...) luckily she was shuffling in eager for a pack of "winnie blues" and I purchased the last 4 copies of "The Age", everybody was happy.

For those of you who have not read the said article see the link below and a snapshot of the "full page article" (thanks Liza power from the age its the icing on the cake and the glitter on my shoes... speaking of glitter on shoes, today's craft creation follows below).

second last craft to go... (not for life, just for this year)
cover an old pair of shoes with PVA glue (I say old pair or op shop pair because no amount of scrubbing is going to bring these babies back if you don't like the finished product)
 sprinkle with glitter
Note to self; glitter is a bitch! I personally haven't used glitter since like... pre-school, and I am pretty sure I wasn't cleaning up afterwards at the time, but seriously, like a drag queen dancing to a kylie song it was outta control. 
 I decided to use red glitter on the bow, so waited for the silver layer to dry slightly before attempting the bow. I covered the surrounding area with paper before adding more PVA and sprinkling with red glitter.
 see how there is all that "excess" glitter on the paper surrounding the bow below? don't try "blowing" it away as I did, covering the floor, all surrounding wedding projects from last night and my face.
 sparkle fan dan go!
now how to stop all the glitter from continually falling off the shoes?
 first step I tried hair spray (it didn't seem to help) so next stop "industrial strength"
I am pretty sure that the "Cabot's-oil based clear polyurethane- for all interior woodwork and veneers" was not initially intended for glitter shoe projects... but its all I had.
"eat your heart out dorethy"
(wow this post is finished by 7.30pm! had I not had to work everyday this year my posts could have been done by this time everyday... instead the midnight photoshoot's have left me with some "designer bags" (under my eyes) of which I doubt are reversible...)
craft out


barcabykt said...

Hi bronwyn, what a fantastic article! You look fantastic too! I'm going to miss your blog so much. You have been inspirational and funny and so honest through the year. All the best with your wedding plans and have a fantastic NYE with your sparkly silver shoes!
Regards Katy georgiou

barcabykt said...
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Sue M said...

Hello Bronwyn, what a fantastic blog you have - such creative ideas too - I just had to get up and go straight to the computer after reading The Age article in bed with my tea and toast. I wish I'd discovered your blog much much earlier - but as it is - there are heaps of projects I would love to try. Good luck with your book venture - and every best wish for a wonderful wedding day>

365 days of craft said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments! I wish The Age had featured me earlier in the year as it would have been great encouragement to be receiving lots of lovely thoughts everyday!

Grazyna said...

I will miss your blog, love you.

Kazza said...

I have just finished reading Tasmanian Housewife extraordinaire Marjorie Bligh by Danielle Wood. Myth goes she is Dame Edna Everidge's muse.

Anyways she recommends glueing glitter to your shoes to make them evening shoes.

Recommended reading Bronwyn.

I was inspired by your article in the Age. I have a studio (master bedroon turned into a studio) but I struggle to go there. Too much housework, shopping and managing household affairs.

I must make a NY Resolution to go into my studio, close the door and not come out for an hour.

Please share your tips on how to drop everything and pay attention to creating (and not feel guilty)

I hope you continue with your blog and write a book about Indie Crafting with recycled everything.

Congratulations on your monumental efforts.